Dr. Frank has been an educator all his life.  He has a B.S., Ph.D. in chemical engineering from Northeastern University and a M.S. in the same discipline from the University of Michigan. He started teaching while he was still in graduate school working on his Ph.D. at Northeastern University. 

He launched Pelican Wealth Advisors (PWA) in 2008 after taking early retirement from  Mobil Oil Corporation (now ExxonMobil) where he was head of Risk Management for 10 years.  His risk management expertise, which was “well-honed” in the corporate world, is now being applied to quantifying and mitigating financial risks faced by his clients.

Dr. Frank’s Favorite Quote:

“Anyone satisfied with the ‘status quo’
is probably not fulfilling their life’s purpose”. 

I guess you could say that he is a compulsive overachiever as evidenced by the 15 patents that he has authored.

Like you, he has worked hard all his life and is concerned about protecting his nest egg.  What he enjoys doing is helping people. (He also enjoys golf and a good game of bocce, but he’s better at helping people.)

Some of the “so-called” advisors in this business call themselves “financial advisors”, “financial consultants”, retirement advisors”, insurance agents, etc , or anything else they want.  In the end, most are just salesmen.  If they don’t sell you something, they’re out of business. And the more they sell you, the more money they make.

At PWA, we have a fiduciary responsibility to do what is best for our clients. We believe that educating prospective clients is an important aspect of our role. We’re not interested in recommending products or strategies unless they are well understood.  That’s why we developed a 6 hour workshop to teach folks about financial planning and risk management.  And that’s why we recently converted our workshop to a series of online educational videos so anyone can learn in the convenience of their home…anytime…day or night.

So that’s what he does, and that’s what he wants his staff to do. No robo calls.  No pressure tactics. No cookie-cutter portfolios. Just people who know a thing or two about managing risk in all areas of your life and sharing what they know with people like you. 


Which leads to another one of Dr. Frank’s favorite quotes:

“People Don’t Know What They Don’t Know”

That’s why we do seminars and workshops. Lots of them. Not sales seminars.  Educational seminars that help folks understand their financial positions and achieve their financial goals. Take a look at the people at the seminar pictured to the right. What you see are not people waiting for a sales pitch.  You see people, like yourself, paying attention and taking notes. Why? Because they’re learning something. That's what we do...help people learn "what they don't know" so they can make informed financial decisions.

So What?

When a Fortune 500 company like Exxon-Mobil trusts you to manage their risk, you know you’re good. You know you’ve helped more people around the world than you’ll ever know.  Because they knew they could trust you.

That’s why PWA only works with people who trust us and are open to being educated.  We are not perfect and sometimes make mistakes.  That's when you can trust us to  "double down" and make it right! 

The investment universe is full of people who promise to make you a lot of money...which is very  tempting.   But in the end, you must decide whether you want an "investment guru" who is  narrowly focused on just managing your money and is "here today" and "gone tomorrow".   Or rather, a "trusted advisor", like PWA, who is managing ALL your financial risks. 


Nevin Woulas - Investment Advisor Representative

Everyone loves Nevin! He is the most helpful man I've ever met and, for that reason, like a son to me. Whenever I refer a client to Nevin, they invariably want to adopt him.
Nevin joined PWA in November 2015. He is an Investment Advisor Representative holding his Series 65 securities license and also functions as a research associate. In addition, Nevin holds a license in Life, Health and Variable Annuities. Nevin assists Dr. Frank with developing financial plans for our clients and managing their investments. When not busy working, Nevin spends most of his time with his son Braeden. He grew up here in SWFL when his family moved from Massachusetts to Naples in 1984. He attended school at the University of Florida and earned his BA from Florida Gulf Coast University. He is also a veteran having served in the U.S. Army Reserve from 2002-2010.

Mary Flynn - Client Relations Manager

Mary Flynn joined PWA in 2018 and currently acts as our Client Relations Manager while assisting Dr. Frank in business operations and marketing. She also processes new business, answers client’s questions, schedules client appointments, helps with client service requests and event planning. Mary is a Florida native, raised in Jacksonville, FL and resides in the Estero area with her husband, Patrick, and three sons, Kyle, Patrick III and Peyton. While she is away from the office you can find her cheering on her children in a seasonal sport or enjoying an outdoor activity with her family.

Barbara Estes - Office Manager

Barbara Estes joined PWA in June 2011 as our Office Manager. She is responsible for processing paperwork for our managed portfolios and coordinates our monthly newsletter mailings, weekly emails, advisor fee billings and manages our client data base. Barbara obtained her Life, Health & Variable annuity license in 1987, and has extensive experience in this field. Barbara enjoys visiting her daughter, Shari and two grandchildren, spending time with her son Jason.  She also has two dogs, is an avid and experienced dog lover and can teach any new dog owner tricks on how to train their dog.  

Ann Ragonese - Special Events Coordinator

Ann Ragonese has been with PWA since its formation, and is our  Special Events Coordinator. She is responsible for restaurant bookings, menus, etc, and making sure that everyone attending has a pleasant experience. She is especially fond of planning our  Holiday parties at a local restaurant or our country club. In her spare time, she is very involved in charitable work at her church and staying in contact via Facebook and phone with our three sons and family. She is also Dr. Frank's golfing buddy who helps him navigate palmetto's when he hits into the rough.