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Are you taking too much risk with your iinvestments or not enough?

Find your "Risk Number" by taking a fun quiz using our "Riskalyze" tool which will calculate the risk of your portfolio and compare it to your personal risk number.  Most people are surprised to find out that they are taking too much risk compared to what they need to achieve their goals. Simply click on the "Risk Dial" to the left and have some fun!

We are a "Fiduciary" and place your best interests you can relax on the beach!

We are a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) acting as a fiduciary.  The word "fiduciary" means "in your best interests".  We sit on the same side of the table as you. For example, we get paid more when your account increases and less when it decreases. Unlike some financial advisors, we are not allowed by law to earn a commission by selling you any security, e.g, "load" mutual fund, non-publicly traded REIT, or variable annuity.   Therefore, our security business is "fee only".  However, our sister company, Pelican Financial Group, is a licensed insurance agency that offers our clients commission-based products, such as, health, life and long term care insurance and fixed annuities. when appropriate.  We provide this service so we can manage risk in all areas of your life via a "holistic" approach.  As a result of our "holistic" approach, Pelican Wealth Advisors is considered to be a "fee based" rather than a "fee only" firm. In either case, we offer our clients full disclosure of fees and commissions.