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Dr. Frank, the founder of Pelican Wealth Advisors (PWA), has spent his lifetime in the pursuit of knowledge and teaching. His robust academic credentials include a B.S. and Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Northeastern University and an M.S. in the same discipline from the University of Michigan. He has nurtured a culture of learning from his early teaching days at Northeastern University, extending it to his illustrious corporate career, where he led Risk Management at Mobil Oil Corporation (now ExxonMobil) for a decade. His journey took a transformative turn in 2008 when he established PWA, drawing upon his extensive risk management expertise to protect and grow the financial assets of his clients. His passion for continued learning and a refusal to settle for the ‘status quo’, as encapsulated in his favorite quote, are testified by his authorship of 15 patents.

At PWA, the Philosophy is Clear: Education and Ethical Advisory

We at PWA pride ourselves on a unique approach to financial services, grounded in education and ethical responsibility. We distance ourselves from conventional ‘sales-driven’ advisory and instead, embrace our fiduciary responsibility towards our clients wholeheartedly. Our commitment is to ensure our clients understand the financial strategies we recommend, which has led to the creation of our comprehensive six-hour workshop, now accessible as a series of online educational videos. Our philosophy, derived from Dr. Frank, is simple: no robo-calls, no pressure tactics, no generic portfolios – only personalized, informed financial advice from people who excel at risk management and are passionate about sharing their expertise.


Dr. Frank RagoneseManaging Partner - Pelican Wealth Advisors

Looking For A Second Opinion?

At Pelican Wealth, we understand that planning for your financial future is a significant task, and getting a second opinion can bring valuable insights. Our seasoned team of financial advisors is dedicated to providing you with objective and comprehensive evaluations of your current financial plan. We bring a fresh perspective, fortified by our extensive industry experience and keen understanding of financial markets and investment strategies. Don’t leave your financial future to chance – a second opinion could make all the difference. We encourage you to reach out to us today!