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Dr. Frank Ragonese, affectionately known as “Dr. Frank,” is the esteemed founder of Pelican Wealth Advisors, LLC, a fiduciary asset management Registered Investment Advisor firm headquartered in Bonita Springs, Florida.

Possessing an unconventional educational background in engineering, Dr. Frank parlayed his vast academic experience as a former college professor into a flourishing career spanning over 35 years in business and finance. He devoted a decade as the Chief of Risk Management for one of the world’s largest corporations, followed by an 15+ year tenure as a portfolio manager.

In response to a demand for an innovative approach to financial services, Dr. Frank Ragonese founded Pelican Wealth Advisors. The firm values its autonomy from large brokerage institutions, adopting a compensation model that aligns with client interests, thereby creating a reciprocally beneficial partnership.

Dr. Frank’s notable expertise in risk management allows him to implement the firm’s comprehensive approach across various financial domains, including investments, retirement income, taxes, long-term healthcare, and estate planning. This proactive methodology equips clients to adeptly handle potential financial challenges, such as longevity risk or unexpected healthcare expenses.



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A Firm with Unique Beginnings

Pelican Wealth Advisors LLC is a Registered Investment Advisor firm specializing in “holistic” application of risk management to investments, retirement income, taxes, long term healthcare and legacy planning.

Dr. Frank’s educational background is in engineering and higher education, not typical for a financial advisor.  This is an advantage because of his natural analytical, communication and problem solving skills.

Another unique benefit is the complete independence from large brokerage firms. As a fee-based asset management firm,  our compensation is aligned with our client’s financial goals in a “win-win” relationship. This may not always be the case with the typical Wall Street broker/client relationship. 


Empowering Your Financial Future through Knowledge and Innovation.

Do financial uncertainties surrounding longevity, potential nursing home costs, or economic downturns keep you awake at night?

Put your fears to rest by learning how to secure lifelong income, prevent outliving your resources, and ensure a substantial legacy for your children.

We endeavor to illuminate a broad range of options beyond the conventional scope of Wall Street and managed money, which you may not encounter with a traditional financial advisor.

Igniting Financial Wisdom for a Secure Tomorrow.

At Pelican Wealth Advisors, we firmly believe that education forms the bedrock of fruitful client relationships. Guided by the principle that “knowledge is the powerhouse of informed decisions,” we invite you to kickstart your financial enlightenment by registering for our exclusive “Educational Video Series”!

Dr. Franks Educational Promise

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