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At Pelican Wealth Advisors, we offer an exciting opportunity to kickstart your journey to financial success. Our innovative and engaging custom portfolios are designed to align with your goals, enabling you to make progress towards your dreams. With a seamless and expedited onboarding process, you can get started in as little as 5 minutes, whether you choose to embark on this transformative path independently or with the support of our expert advisors. Don’t wait any longer – join us and unlock the possibilities of a personalized investment strategy that can help you achieve your financial aspirations.

A New Age of Wealth Management

Embrace a new era of wealth management with us, where technology trumps tradition. We leverage advanced digital tools and AI to provide real-time insights, optimize portfolios, and deliver personalized service. Our approach redefines the future of finance, setting us apart with an efficient and progressive wealth management experience.

Pelican Prosperity Accelerator

Objective: Growth
Inception : July 2017


The Pelican Prosperity Accelerator is a carefully curated investment portfolio primarily focused on investing in large-cap U.S. stocks. Our strategy centers around companies that demonstrate robust management and present strong growth forecasts.

This portfolio offers global exposure, capitalizing on the interconnected nature of today’s markets. By prioritizing investments in corporations with significant international operations, the portfolio seeks to benefit from worldwide economic growth and the potential resilience of globally diversified companies.

The primary objective of the Pelican Prosperity Accelerator portfolio is to deliver above-average market returns. Our dedicated team of investment professionals diligently monitors market trends and evaluates potential opportunities to consistently drive growth and maximize returns for our investors.

Significantly, our investment selection process is heavily weighted towards technology and innovative companies. We believe that these sectors represent the future of the global economy and offer significant opportunities for growth. By investing in these sectors, we aim to provide our investors with a pathway to participate in the transformative power of technological innovation and disruption.


Focuses on long-term capital appreciation and higher growth potential.

Typically higher risk tolerance, with a significant allocation to stocks and emerging markets.

Holds assets such as equities, growth-oriented sectors, and innovative technology companies.

Offers potential for substantial returns but carries a higher level of risk.

  • Top HoldingsAAPL, NVDA, MSFT
  • Risk ToleranceAggressive
  • Best ForThose Seeking Above Average Market Returns

*Please consult an advisor for more information and to see if this portfolio is right for you.

Pelican Balanced Advantage

Objective: Growth & Income
Inception : July 2017


The Pelican Balanced Advantage portfolio offers a balanced approach to investing, combining steady growth with a focus on income. This portfolio is primarily dedicated to large-cap U.S. stocks known for their strong management, reliable dividends, and history of consistent growth. The chosen companies often have a long track record of meeting or exceeding investor earnings expectations, providing the portfolio with a sense of stability and assurance.

The primary goal of the Pelican Balanced Advantage portfolio is to offer a stable growth trajectory complemented by a consistent dividend income stream. To accomplish this, the portfolio leans heavily towards investments in the consumer defensive, healthcare, and industrial sectors. Companies in these sectors are known for their steady performance and substantial dividends, making them ideal for a portfolio seeking a balanced approach to growth and income. Please be aware that all investments carry risk, including the potential loss of principal. Investors should evaluate their investment objectives and risk tolerance before committing.


Balances growth and income objectives for a more diversified approach.

Allocates investments across a mix of equities, fixed-income securities, and alternative investments.

Holds assets such as blue-chip stocks, dividend-paying companies, and investment-grade bonds.

Offers a moderate level of risk with the potential for both income generation and capital appreciation.

  • Top HoldingsAAPL, MSFT, IVV
  • Risk ToleranceModerate
  • Best ForThose Seeking Some Market Exposure and Dividend Income

*Please consult an advisor for more information and to see if this portfolio is right for you.

Pelican Conservative Anchor

Objective: Income & Preservation of Capital
Inception : July 2017


The Pelican Conservative Anchor portfolio is tailored for investors looking for a conservative approach with an emphasis on capital preservation and steady income. The portfolio is primarily invested in large-cap U.S. stocks that exhibit solid management and offer robust dividends. These stocks are typically seen as safer options compared to traditional equities.

While the portfolio maintains approximately 30% exposure to equities for the potential for growth, the majority of its investments are in safer income-focused assets such as high-yield money markets, bonds, and treasuries. This strategy aligns with the portfolio’s primary objective: to preserve capital and offer a steady stream of dividend income.

The Pelican Conservative Anchor portfolio is an ideal choice for conservative investors seeking to balance income, growth, and risk in a volatile market. Please remember, investing involves risk, including the potential loss of principal. It’s essential for investors to consider their investment objectives and risk tolerance before investing.


Emphasizes generating income and preserving capital with a focus on stability.

Primarily consists of fixed-income investments, such as government bonds and high-quality corporate bonds.

Holds assets like conservative dividend stocks, money market instruments, and cash equivalents.

Provides lower risk exposure and aims to provide a reliable income stream while preserving capital.

  • Top HoldingsFDRXX, AAPL, IVV
  • Risk ToleranceConservative
  • Best ForPre & Post Retiree's & Those with Conservative Risk Tolerance

*Please consult an advisor for more information and to see if this portfolio is right for you.

Innovation Meets Investment

Harnessing Technology for Superior Market Results

At Pelican Wealth, we understand that the financial landscape is ever-evolving, and staying ahead requires leveraging the power of technology. Our firm is at the forefront of harnessing innovative technology to unlock market opportunities, helping our clients achieve superior results. We combine financial expertise with advanced tools to provide a unique, technology-driven approach to investment management.

Our advanced charting platforms provide real-time data and analytics, giving our advisors a comprehensive view of market trends and insights. This, coupled with algorithmic signals, allows us to spot opportunities and make informed decisions quickly and accurately. These tools help us identify patterns, predict market movements, and develop strategic responses to market volatility.

Our firm continually integrates emerging technologies into our investment strategies. From machine learning algorithms that analyze complex market data to AI-driven prediction models that forecast future trends, we leverage these advancements to deliver optimal results. By staying on the cutting-edge of technology, we ensure that our strategies are not only responsive to current market conditions but are also primed to capitalize on future opportunities. This fusion of technology and financial expertise positions us – and our clients – at the forefront of investment innovation.

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