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We offer a holistic wealth management approach with a focus on education, acting as fiduciary advisors in our clients’ best interests. With competitive fees, innovative technologies, and customized solutions, we strive to help clients achieve their financial goals effectively and deliver exceptional performance.

  • Engaging Education
  • Fiduciary Responsibility
  • Competitive Fees
  • Customized Solutions

Holistic Approach

We take a holistic approach to financial planning, recognizing that our clients’ financial well-being extends beyond investments. We go beyond traditional wealth management by addressing all aspects of their financial lives, including retirement planning, risk management, tax optimization, estate planning, and more. Our comprehensive services ensure that every facet of their financial journey is covered, providing a cohesive and integrated approach to their financial success.

Charting Your Financial Course

We provide more than just financial services; we offer a journey towards your financial aspirations. Our comprehensive approach encompasses various aspects of financial management under one roof. We don’t merely manage your investments, we craft a financial narrative that intertwines your life’s milestones with robust retirement strategies and thoughtful tax and estate planning. We employ prudent risk management techniques and secure insurance solutions to protect your financial story from the uncertainties of life. As your trusted fiduciaries, we are committed to prioritizing your interests above all else. Our unique approach to financial management ensures that every chapter of your financial story is penned with precision, foresight, and your unique financial goals at its heart. Experience the Pelican Wealth difference, where your financial dreams become our shared reality.

Investment Management

Personalized investment management services tailored to each client’s unique financial goals.


We devise customized insurance strategies to safeguard your financial future against unforeseen life events.

Retirement Planning

Detailed retirement plans pave a secure and comfortable future for the post-employment journey.

Estate Planning

Preservation of legacy is ensured through thoughtful, personalized estate planning services.

Risk Management

Our risk management approach protects assets by effectively balancing growth and security.


Finances are optimized through strategic tax planning, maximizing savings and minimizing liabilities.

Elevate Your Investments
With Our Proprietary Models

At Pelican Wealth Advisors, we leverage cutting-edge software and proprietary research models to provide our clients with a competitive edge. Our relentless commitment to staying at the forefront of financial technology ensures that we deliver top-notch service in investment management. With innovative software solutions and our drive to push boundaries, we alleviate the stress of investment management. Contact us today to discover how we can elevate your investment strategy and help you achieve your financial goals with confidence.

In-depth Research

Leave the work to us as we conduct thorough research to identify lucrative investment opportunities. Our team saves you time and effort by delivering comprehensive insights and recommendations tailored to your goals.

Tactical Investing

Stay ahead with sector allocation and risk management – Our tactical investing approach ensures your portfolio is aligned with the best-performing sectors. We dynamically adapt to market cycles, prioritizing risk management to optimize returns. Our technology plays a crucial role, providing insights that help us maintain an edge in the ever-changing market landscape.

Proprietary Technology

Gain a competitive edge with advanced indicators and charts – Our proprietary technology equips us with sophisticated tools to analyze data, identify patterns, and make informed decisions. From cutting-edge indicators to AI-driven trend analysis, we leverage technology to navigate industry trends and seize opportunities.

Hedging Strategies

Reduce downside exposure and enhance upside returns – Protect your investments with our hedging strategies, designed to mitigate risks and maximize potential returns. We carefully analyze market trends and employ proven techniques to help safeguard your portfolio.

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