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The TIPS portfolio is a “Tactical Investment Portfolio Strategy” that is growth oriented and more actively traded than either the SIPS portfolio.

It’s objective is to take advantage of “opportunity trades”  using Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s) that move either in tandem or opposite to the major market indices.  For example, if the S&P 500 is “flat” or moving down, TIPS will search and purchase one of over 5,000 ETF’s that is currently increasing in value to help offset any portfolio decrease in the major market indices.

Examples of this strategy might be the purchase of a gold ETF, or sector ETF, such as, biotech, crude oil, emerging foreign markets, etc.   TIPS trades typically last from 1-3 months vs 6-12 months for the SIPS portfolio.

Each portfolio is customized to the needs of each client based on a detailed, retirement planning analysis using MoneyGuidePro software.  For most retirees, the typical portfolio would consist of about 65% FIPS, 15% TIPS, 15% SIPS and 5% cash


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